Wooden Cube Clock 

I’m always late for work, thanks to the snooze button… I don’t have a clock in my room, so I decided to get my first alarm clock. Actually, this is another object inspired by a product from the MoMA Design Store, which is why I bought it.  I’ve always admired the design, but the price was just too prohibitive.  The MoMA Store’s Cube Clock sells for $48.00 + $7.25 Flat … Continue reading Wooden Cube Clock 

“Henry and June,” Anais Nin

My friend Ramesh told me he gave up reading this book because, “This book does not seem to fit with my lifestyle right now.”  He means yoga and celibacy.  I read it halfway through and realized how passionate and self-centered Anais is.  She thinks everything is about her.  She’s definitely one of those delightful people you love to read about, but I’m not really sure … Continue reading “Henry and June,” Anais Nin

About Quintessential Trifles

This is a blog that celebrates materialism… is one way of looking at it.  To put a positive spin on it (because that’s what I do for a living), my purpose for starting this blog is to curate beautiful and well-designed things (in my opinion), and of course, where to find these things. This isn’t simply a blog about shopping, or of accumulating things, this … Continue reading About Quintessential Trifles